with Carolyn Johnson, CBP + Jessica Miklas, CBP

with Carolyn Johnson, CBP + Jessica Miklas, CBP

We know you are an extremely powerful, intuitive being. We know you want to be your own best healer. It's time to tap into your energetic and intuitive gifts so you can take your healing journey into your own hands.

Living in Alignment is for the Starseeds, Light Warriors, Empaths, and Intuitives. This is your ultimate guide to becoming a self healer and awakening your own energetic gifts.

Get ready to learn potent energetic healing tools and tap into your own intuitive and spiritual gifts!

WHAT: An 8-lesson course designed to enhance your intuitive abilities, awaken your psychic gifts, and fill your energetic toolbox.
This course is an excellent prerequisite for working with any healer. Master the tools covered in Living in Alignment to make the most out of any healing work you receive.

What you get:

  •  Lifetime access to 8 module teachings and 4 energetic healing activations performed by Jessica and Carolyn
  •  Instant access to the full course when you buy
  • ​Bonus support with intuitively chosen essential oils for each lesson

Take a peak inside...

What it's like to work with Carolyn:
"I am so grateful to have Carolyn in my life! Her ability to instantly get on my wavelength and get to the core of the issue is amazing. Her multi-dimensional insights go so deep and are so life-enhancing and comforting. I'm a complicated person and she really gets me. She intuits where I'm coming from and what I need to heal. In the short time I've worked with Carolyn, I've worked through so many layers and levels that my health is improving exponentially. She is gifted, smart, compassionate, and an excellent listener. Thank you Carolyn! I am so blessed to have you on my team."
 -- Melissa. Kaui, HI
“Thank you for your help, your Sacred Witness on the journey, and helping me find my own Holy Grail - me. The humble cup that carries the light of God.
You have helped further a journey for me that has now become an Epic Tale that I look forward to sharing. And it has only just begun.”
--M. D. B. England

Carolyn Johnson, CBP
Author of Becoming Real: Our Journey Through Autism

Jessica Miklas, CBP
Creator of Sex Witch

What it's like to work with Jessica:

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